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Jiffy J-4000 Pro-Line Garment Steamer


Experience the fastest and most heavy-duty clothing steamer suitable for your everyday commercial use, the Jiffy J-4000 Pro-Line Clothing Steamer

Every business owners strive to make their commercial space a very presentable place. If you're running a fashion boutique, beauty salon, restaurant, hotel, or even a simple shop you could relate that keeping everything tidy is a must.

Some of the fashion dresses you display, the curtains, the draperies, the tablecloths, bedsheets, and other fabric materials in your store will inevitably end up in a wrinkled mess.

Wrinkles are the opposite of tidy and are one of the fastest ways to displease customers.

Sure you can just iron them or steam them with your ordinary garment steamer and wait for many cumbersome hours or even days just to smoothen all of them.

But with specific business hours to follow you know that there has to be a quicker and easier way to make all those clothes and fabrics look presentable.

Introducing the Jiffy J-4000 Pro-Line Clothing Steamer. This heavy-duty clothing steamer is the most powerful clothing steamer of all the Jiffy® Steamer series. 

Whether it's a satin, wool, velvet, or any other delicate fabric, you can be confident that this clothing steamer won't cause any harm.

Check out the following features that make this steamer impeccable.

What the J-4000 can do

Typical clothing steamers have a range of only 200-1000 watts or heating elements. The J-4000 has 1500 watts. This means that this commercial unit can emit quicker and powerful waterjet-like steam compared to the lesser watt models.

The bigger the power, the faster it gets the job done in de-wrinkling your clothes. Perfect for the loads and loads of fabric that you need to smooth out under a commercial setting.

The J-4000 model is the primary preference of many professionals. With its mighty jets of steam, it could quickly remove wrinkles reducing the time it takes to prepare your clothes in the showroom for display.

Pre-heat mode

If you will be using this unit a couple of times everyday then this pre-heat mode will help you save energy. This means that when you're going to use it again within the day, you don't have to wait until the water warms up before you could start steaming.

With the pre-heat mode, you simply pull the hose and start steaming again almost instantly.

Large Tank Capacity

The J-4000 model has a 1-gallon water reservoir capacity. This allows you to have two hours of uninterrupted and steady steaming.


This unit is made to last. It features a corrosion-proof stainless steel tank so that no hard water deposits can clog or make the water level markings difficult to read.

It also features a die-cast aluminum housing that allows the unit to have a strong and durable body. 


  • 5.5 ft / 1.68 m flexible rubber hose
  • Interchangeable Steam Head with Hose has 5.5' and 7.5' options
  • Convenient standby and steam settings
  • Reaches standby temperature within 15 minutes
  • Ready to steam within 2 minutes once at the standby temperature
  • All brass couplings
  • Solid die-cast aluminum outer housing for durability
  • 304 stainless steel internal boiler tank
  • No water lines that could become clogged with hard water deposits
  • 1 gal / 3.79 L self-contained water tank
  • Sight gauge for a quick view of water level and sediment buildup
  • Color-coded high-temperature wiring
  • Fusible link with automatic shut-off for safety
  • 360-degree swivel casters for mobility
  • 7 ft power cord with molded storage clip for more manageable handling
  • 3-Year Limited Product Warranty

Standard Plastic Steam Head: 6 in / 15.2 cm wide plastic steam head

Metal Steam Head:  6 in / 15.2 cm metal steam head 

Interchangeable Steam Head:  9 in / 22.8 cm bent aluminum pipe head attachment, “B” brush steam cleaning head, 6 in / 15.2 cm wide metal steam head, and 12 in / 30.4 cm wide carpet steam head 


  • Optional Steam Head Attachment: 6-inch/15.24cm wide plastic steam head, 6-inch15.24cm wide metalhead, or  9-inch/22.86cm bent aluminum pipe head attachment, “B” brush steam cleaning head, 6-inch/15.24cm wide metal steam head, and 12-inch/30.48cm wide carpet steam head 
  • Carton Dimension: 20 in x 12 in x 13 in (50.8cm x 30.48cm x 33.02cm)
  • Assembled Dimension: 20 in x 11 in x 61 in (50.8cm x 27.94cm x 154.94cm)
  • Carton Weight: 26 pounds/11.79kg 
  • Electrical Certifications: UL, cUL, TUV/GS, CE, NOM, and ANCE Listed
  • Steam Time per Filling: 1 hour and 45 minutes
  • Water Capacity: 1 gallon/3.79L
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Wattage: 1500W
  • Cord Plug: NEMA 5-15
    Standard Plastic Steam Head with Hose
    Metal Steam Head with Hose
    Interchangeable Steam Heads with 5.5' Hose
    Interchangeable Steam Heads with 7.5' Hose
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