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Jiffy® Steamer Steamboard


If you're looking for a durable steam-board for your clothes, this Jiffy® Steamer Steamboard to perfect for you! Free flow steaming from a hanger not always firm enough to steam a good crease. This Steamboard allows you to place a crease exactly where you need it.

The Jiffy® Steamer Steamboard comes with our professional garment hanger and eye screw mounted at the top of the steam board. The sturdy hanger's coated clips hold the garment in place and provide a convenient workplace to steam. Perfect for a small apartment. You can use it by laying it out on the dining table instead of hanging it. The Steamboard is covered with moisture-resistant fabric and attaches in 1 of 2 ways: Option A: Hangs over a door with a bracket. Option B: Directly to the wall with screws.


  • Made in the USA
  • Provides a convenient vertical workspace
  • Attachment options are included in the steam board carton. 
  • Saves the wood on the door
  • It's sturdy, and heavy so it doesn't move around at all


  • Assembled Dimensions: 3/4 in x 24 in x 48 in
  • Carton Dimensions: 6 in x 26 in x 51 in
  • Carton Weight: 34 pounds
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