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Laurastar Lift XTRA Steam Iron


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The Laurastar Lift Xtra Titan steam iron is the latest and greatest in portable 3-in-1 steam generators. It not only irons your clothes, but steams and purifies them as well! This means that you don’t have to worry about adjusting the temperature, and the iron’s 3D soleplate ensures that you won’t get any unwanted creases. With its unique design and exceptional steam power, ironing has never been easier!

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Product Information
Dimensions/Other Information
Product Information

The Laurastar Lift Xtra steam iron is the perfect tool to easily iron your clothes on a traditional board or directly on a hanger. With its professional iron and steam, you can achieve perfect results in a single movement for all fabrics and colors. The exclusive 3d soleplate effectively prevents creases, and the perfect temperature for all fabrics is already determined and set, so there is no longer any need to adjust the temperature, giving you perfect results in a single movement, regardless of the fabric or color. This is a top-of-the-line steam iron that will definitely make your life easier? Look no further than the Laurastar Lift Xtra Steam Iron. This professional-grade iron has a unique 3D soleplate that gives you perfect results in a single movement, regardless of the fabric or color. The built-in temperature control takes the guesswork out of ironing, and the exclusive Laurastar DMS (dry microfine steam) purifies fabrics, eliminating dust mites, bacteria, and fungi. Plus, with dual-shut-off mode, you can choose between 10-minute auto-shut-off or continuous-on mode. So why settle for anything less than the best?

This powerful 3-in-1 steam generator is perfect for anyone who wants to avoid creases and get wrinkles out of their clothes quickly and easily. With a unique design and incredible steam power, the Laurastar Lift Xtra is the perfect choice for anyone who wants the best possible results when ironing their clothes. Order yours today and see the amazing results for yourself!

Laurastar DMS guarantees you a perfect result in half the time, treating fabrics gently by delicately plumping them and providing a hygienic effect at the heart of fibers that kills 99.999% of bacteria and 100% of dust mites* through the simple act of ironing Performance, care, and hygiene are due to steam that doesn’t leave your clothes wet and works 15 times faster than steam from standard steam generators.

*Tests carried out by the Swiss laboratory, Scitec Research

To ensure your clothes remain beautiful, Laurastar created the 3D active soleplate. This exclusive feature offers unrivaled ironing in a single movement, thanks to the surface of the soleplate that holds the fabric in place while steam is distributed over its entire surface to effortlessly eliminate creases. The fibers are thoroughly refreshed.

Check out these amazing features:

Pulse Steam
Although acknowledged around the world as the Swiss specialist in ultra-fine and powerful steam, Laurastar never stops innovating. Laurastar’s latest high-end models are equipped with pulsed steam, the ultimate finishing touch to take care of your clothing. Diffused through a series of intermittent bursts, pulsed steam ensures an optimum amount of steam for perfect results, regardless of the color or fabric of your clothing.

Single Temperature
After having conducted studies in our laboratories, we have determined the ideal temperature for ironing. No more adjustments! Your Laurastar Smart or Lift Xtra will automatically reach the ideal temperature for all your fabrics.

Removable Water Tank
You’ll be able to add water without interrupting your ironing.

Heat-Resistant Iron Mat
Special, insulated mat allows you to safely set down your iron when it’s still hot.

Steam Cord Holder
This helpful accessory guides the steam cord to make your ironing easier and more comfortable. Flexible, it stops the steam cord from getting in the way during ironing.

Dimensions/Other Information
Dimensions and Weight
Dimensions (H x L x W): 17.8 x 11.1 x 11.1 in
Length of electric cable: 7.6 ft
Length of steam cord: 6.4 ft
Total weight: 12.1 lbs.

Other Information
General Features
Constant steam pressure: 3.5 bars
Device power: 1450 W

Aluminum iron soleplate, brushed finish
Iron rest
Iron weight: 2.2 lbs.

Water Tank
Tank capacity: 37.2 ounces
Water level visible
Tank empty light
Tank handle