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Omnigrid Rotary Cutter


If you're looking to give your crafting and quilting projects a professional edge, then you need the Omnigrid rotary cutter. This blade is available in 3 sizes and is perfect for cutting through fabric, paper, leather, vinyl, mat board and foam core with ease. Plus, the ergonomic design makes it easy and comfortable to use!

Of course, the rotary design makes this cutter versatile because it means you can cut in any direction.  Make quick work of your next project with the Omnigrid Rotary Cutter!

The rotary cutter has a heavy-duty setting and tungsten steel blades that make it easy to cut through multiple layers of fabric. The soft-cushion handle reduces wrist strain and cutting fatigue, while the finger ridges provide a firm grip and reduce slipping. The pressure-sensitive blade cover lifts when pressure is applied, so you don't have to open and close the blade between cuts. Plus, with the light-and heavy-duty settings and easy-to-change blade let you choose just the right setting for your project.

The Omnigrid Rotary Cutter is also for left- and right-hand use without changing the blade – perfect for any project and the safety lock ensures safe storage.  Keep your cutting projects moving with ease using this top quality rotary cutter!


  • A safety fence surrounds the rotary cutter's blade. When pressure is applied, the safety guard slides back, exposing the blade to cut through the materials.
  • The guard slides back into position once you've removed the cutter from the surface, covering the blade and providing protection.
  • The Omnigrid rotary cutter has a simple, easy-to-change blade replacement mechanism. It's impossible to reassemble incorrectly because the molded components only fit together one way.
  • To prevent not just your surface, but also your blade, use a rotary cutting mat.

WARNING: If the cutter is dropped, the blade guard will expose the blade.

28 mm
45 mm
60 mm
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