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Reliable 3000IS Professional Steam Iron Station


If you need the fastest and most efficient way of ironing then you need the Reliable 3000IS Professional Steam Iron

What if you have an urgent or unexpected errand in your day that you don't wanna miss out and you are running out of time ironing your outfit?

Good news! There is always an answer to your problem. This 3000IS Professional Steam Iron would help you dry, pressurized steam in the quickest and fastest way you could ever imagine.

It allows the fibers to be softened quicker to get the perfect press. This creates a crisp and clean finish without consuming too much time ironing. 

Besides its stunning features, you would also love this because of its very affordable price. You will never found a machine that could help you save your time and money!

This 3000IS will perfectly provide you the tools to do all of your ironing, day in, and day out.

Steam Power

The 3000IS excels at producing high-quality, dry, pressurized steam. Pressurized steam is the fastest and most efficient way of ironing. This is our entry into the world of all stainless steel. It is made in Italy ironing stations. It has an overall 1.4L boiler tank with a maximum pressure of 2.5 bar. 

Aluminum Soleplate

You would never be stressed as it is very easy to clean the aluminum soleplate with holes at the tip for maximum steam penetration.

Professional Iron

The 3000IS iron with 6' steam hose is lightweight (3.9 lb.) with comfortable (cork handle), and uses the same high standard parts (thermal fuse, thermostat) that have made it the #1 choice of professionals.

Our Boilers

Our professional boilers are designed with the best materials, quality, and craftsmanship. The tank is made of high-grade stainless steel eliminating the chance of rust and contamination of the water supply. With a 1.4L Boiler, the large tank allows for up to 2 hours of continuous steaming. The copper element is an excellent conductor and delivers even heat dispersion inside the tank.

4 Safety Systems

About safeties, it guaranteed you! Because it has 4 safety systems including a pressure switch, probe safety thermostat on the heating element, safety cap with safety valve, and a low water indicator.

Separate Iron Rest

The 3000IS is supplied with a heat resistant silicone-rubber iron pad to rest the iron on. The iron can be safely left on the pad for extended periods of time.

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