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Reliable Aria 350SP LED Digital Steam Press


If you need x10 eliminate wrinkles from your wardrobe, garment then you need the Aria 350SP

What if you are waking up late in the morning with a scheduled meeting or other transactions and you are running out of time ironing your clothes, it's very stressing right? 

Great news! Introducing you to the Aria 350S Led Digital Steam Press. It is the ideal choice for those looking for an alternative to conventional ironing.

The Aria 350S is a time saver in ironing with such a large saving surface because the pressing area is 9x the size of iron that will quickly eliminate wrinkles and put a crease into the toughest fabrics.

The additional wonderful news is the exciting price because it is an affordable yet super effective press steamer. Not just that, it is not only a manual steamer, but it's a led digital steam press cleaner. 

Aria 350S is the perfect choice for those looking for an alternative to conventional ironing.  It’s easy to use, just pull the handle down, and leave it in the closed position for 3-4 seconds.


If you have this Aria 350S press steam, you have a saving time hero who will help cut down on ironing time. Steam disperses automatically depending on the temperature setting selected. It’s that simple.

Automatic Steam

The new 350SP uses an automatic steam function. If the steam mode is selected, the steam will automatically activate when the handle is pulled down.

Digital LED Accuracy

The 350SP has an easy to use digital LED thermostat that does a great job ensuring that the fabric temperature you set is the temperature that the fabric will see.

Non-Stick Soleplate

The Aria 350SP features a large non-stick soleplate for care when pressing a wide variety of fabrics.

Open Wider

The new easy to use the opening of the Aria presses allows the operator to quickly and safely lay the fabric down.

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