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Sylvia Designs Model 490 Storage Chest Rollabout with 5 Drawers Sewing Furniture


PLEASE NOTE!  This product is custom made upon order and will take 8-12 weeks to be delivered.

The Sylvia Designs 490 Storage Chest keeps mess away to keep your creative momentum going.

Do you struggle to keep your sewing space organized?

Does a messy space keep distracting you from what you really want to do--sewing (or quilting) works of art?

Are you tired of having to get up from your seat in the middle of sewing just to get the other materials you stored far away from your sewing table?

Then look no further.

We have the storage chest that’s uniquely designed to keep you company while you sew.

It will go wherever you want it to go, which will make it easier for you to focus on your next masterpiece.

Just imagine saving yourself all that hassle!

And it’ll surely keep things pretty before the guests come over.

Rollabouts to the rescue!

The 5-drawer 490 Storage Chest easily rolls about so it can keep you company wherever you prefer to work.

Fitted with the most durable commercial-grade casters, it will easily slide between different rooms for your convenience--even on carpet.

5 Large Drawers in a Compact Body

It doesn't take up too much space, and yet it still has large compartments that will carry enough materials for your next creative project. 

With 5 compartments, it’s easy to separate or categorize your materials so you can avoid too much clutter within your drawers.

To make it easier for you to assess its size, here are its specific measurements:

Width: 24 3/8″
Depth: 18 1/8″
Height: 29″

Metal Easy-Slide Drawers

Who needs drawers that get stuck? Not the busy creative! 

The metal easy-slide drawers can carry heavy items without ever getting stuck. It will feel smooth and elegant, and it won’t waste any of your time.

It can easily attach to (or detach from) your Sylvia cabinet sewing furniture.

Your 490 Storage Chest can attach to the 810, 810Q, 1600, or 2600 Sylvia cabinet models.

This makes your sewing space super customizable! 

You don’t need to have those huge sewing furniture that you can’t disassemble when you need to. This one will allow you to clean up and have more space for when guests come over.

And if you need more space where you work, the storage chest can transform into an extension for your sewing table. Now, you never have to let the lack of table space get in the way of creating your greatest pieces!

Just make sure to buy the 400 Connecting Top when you attach it to any of the Sylvia cabinet models above. This way, the chest will be on the same level with the cabinet surface which will keep the surface smooth and even.

The only time you don’t need a 400 Connecting Top is when you place your 490 Storage Chest under the back leaf parts of your 2600 or 1600 cabinet models.

5 beautiful colors of wood for a more elegant sewing space within your home

Even the names sound delightful: White with Oak Trim, Sunset Cherry, Twilight, Castle Oak, and Brown Pearwood.

Make your pick!

You'll have a life-time warranty for the 490 storage chest.

Even though Sylvia Designs uses the best quality of North American wood, you’ll still have a life-time warranty for the 490 storage chest! 

That’s zero risk of getting something you won’t find absolutely useful for as long as you live.

So, what are you waiting for? 

The only way for you to know how great this product is? Click Buy Now.

Not sure? Call us Today at (800) 559-9335. We at The Makers Emporium will be happy to address any of your concerns. 

White with Oak Trim
Sunset Cherry
Castle Oak
Brown Pearwood
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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review