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Sylvia Design 610 Compact Sewing Machine Cabinet


PLEASE NOTE!  This product is custom made upon order and will take 8-12 weeks to be delivered.

Save Lift Time And Energy With Sylvia Designs 610 Compact Sewing Machine Cabinet

Imagine you’re ready to sit on a comfortable sewing chair.

With less effort, you raise your sewing machine.

You get your sewing tools from the cabinet near you.

Within your hand’s reach, you have all you need to start sewing and quilting your lovely designs.

You’re ready to start your passion work in less time.

What Saves Your Effort With Sylvia Design 610?

Our German-quality Rudersburg 3-position lift allows a smooth move to raise and lower in under a minute.

You don’t need to be strong to set it up. You can lift it even if you’re a gentle person.

How does the positions make it easy to lift?

Well, it’s simple.

The upper position allows for free-arm sewing to help you sew tube items with ease.

The middle position helps lift for normal flat-bed sewing.

The lower position lets you store the sewing machine inside the cabinet in less time.

Worried About Snags To Your Quilting Projects?

Worry no more. Our sewing machine comes with quality flush-mounted hinges. It lets your fabric stay smooth. Enjoy your work without stress from rough surfaces.

What makes you save more energy for work?

  • Easy to push around your sewing room. Our commercial grade casters allow you to move your sewing machine with ease. You can roll it without much effort if you’re redesigning your quilting space.
  • Store all your sewing accessories in placeThis cabinet has large enough storage compartments for all your notions and accessories. No need to store in a different place. Save space and time to find all your things while you enjoy quilting.

  • Lifetime warranty secured. This is available in different colors. Maintain your machine’s good working condition with our lifetime deal. You don’t need to worry about repairs or exchanges. 

  • Your choice of added features. Need more free space for your sewing area? You can order this model’s drop leaf #617 (optional). Give yourself more room for extra fabric space.
  • Level-up all you want. Want an upgraded sewing and quilting machine? You can call us for any future changes and enjoy your model like the 1050 and 1350.

The Sylvia Designs 610 Compact Sewing Machine Cabinet allows you to store and use your sewing machine with little effort in less time.

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Width: 52″
Depth: 19 7/8″
Height: 29 3/4″

Width: 26″
Depth: 19 7/8″
Height: 30 1/2″

Machine Opening
Width: 19 7/8″
Depth: 11 3/8″
Sunset Cherry
White with Oak Trim
Brown Pearwood
Castle Oak
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